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name: Meg
age: 15 [ 16 in less than two months ]
location (state ; city/town): Pennsylvania ; Altoona
occupation:I'm a student. But I might be working at a catering business
status: Taken
parents single/divorced?:My parents are together
do you have any pets?:Yupp. 17 cats
what's your favorite color?:Hott pink or gray
name 10 of your favorite bands:Rufio, Mourning Maxwell, Senses Fail, Story of the Year, New Found Glory, Taking Back Sunday, Sugar Cult, Coheed and Cambria, The Juliana Theory, 5 days ahead
name 5 of your favorite movies: Little Nicky, Scary Movie 2, Titanic, Mall Rats, Austin Powers
how "far" have you been with the opposite sex?:Making out
what are your views on abortion?:Mhmm, I'm pro choice.
what are your views on teen pregnancy?:It's totally wrong unless you're totally in a good relationship and you're ready for it.
what do you think of self mutilation?:I think it's totally wrong. You should work out your problems other ways.
how would you describe your style?:Um..I'm not sure. I'm not exactly a punk but I'm not preppy. If I have to be labeled I would go with more on the punkish side.
what's the first to last thing you notice in the oposite sex?:First: Eyes, body, hair Last: Teeth, personality, butt
whats your biggest turn on and biggest turn off?Turn on:Sweet talking or good smile Turn Off:Rudeness
shoe size:9 womens or 7 guys or maybe 5s not sure
favorite brand of clothing:Um...Independent
favorite brand of shoes:Etnies or Chucks
do you wear nail polish?:All the time
how would you describe yourself physically?:Um...short, kind of chuncky, not pretty
how would you describe yourself mentally?:Um, I'm mentally sound though I'm pretty crazy at times.
do you smoke/drink/do any drugs?:I don't smoke or do drugs. I drink on occasion.
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why do you think we should accept you?: Well, since I'm already accepted, I think you should accept me because I'm totally out there and I like to have fun. [ That's a cheesy answer ]
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