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name: Aly

age: 18

location (state ; city/town): whangarei, new zealand. (im from milwaukee)

occupation: teamfuckingmember at pizza hut.

status: status? health status- healthy. marriage-status, i have a boyfriend.

siblings?: One brother Miles, 23.

parents single/divorced?: divorced, and they are both single....

do you have any pets?: 2 fish (ray charles & cheshy)and a car named Morry.

what's your favorite color?: Pink, Black, Green

name 10 of your favorite bands: AFI, The Distillers, Tiger Army, Sex Pistols, Johny Cash, Steriogram, The Cure, Yoko Ono, Hole, Smashing Pumpkins

name 5 of your favorite movies: The Big Sleep, Ghost World, The Big Lebowski, Mullholland Dr., High Fidelity

how "far" have you been with the opposite sex?: to america and back.

what are your views on abortion?: its the persons choice, i wouldnt do it but thats just me. i wont hate if someone else does.

what are your views on teen pregnancy?: people who fuck anything that walks- (eww), and dont think about what COULD happen, get whats coming to them, i think people need to think things through before doing things.. but hey stuff happens, i guess. but people who are teens and want children- thats ok, if they are mature and can handle- im ok with it. its a huge thing. i have alot of friends who are my age or younger, that have children... its scares me abit.

what do you think of self mutilation?:does that include piercings and tattoos?? I have lots of both, i dont carve names into my body, i think thats a little overboard, but who am i really to judge.

how would you describe your style?: retro, glam, punk, whatever..

what's the first to last thing you notice in the oposite sex?: eyes, hair, tattoos.. etc.

whats your biggest turn on and biggest turn off? boys in eyeliner are hot. boys with mullets eh, not so hot.

shoe size: W-6

favorite brand of clothing: anything from a thrift store. i like hot topic, they have some neat stuff..

favorite brand of shoes: pro keds, chucks, vans...

do you wear nail polish?: hot pink and black.. only.

how would you describe yourself physically?: not skinny, not fat, shortish- retro.

how would you describe yourself mentally?: sane-ish

do you smoke/drink/do any drugs?: no.

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