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name: kimberly×marie (kim for short)
age: 15
location (state ; city/town): Rockledge, Florida
occupation: student. i'm a sophomore. and yes, i actually know how to spell it. i'm so proud. =]
status: single, and looking.
siblings?: half brother, half sister
parents single/divorced?: nope, they're happily married
do you have any pets?: yup, a dog named Lucy, and two mice.. "marshmallow" and "mash hoagies"
what's your favorite color?: black, red, pink, and pink and black together
name 10 of your favorite bands:
× death cab for cutie
× atreyu
× SoCo
× hawthorne heights
× fall out boy
× the starting line
× saves the day
name 5 of your favorite movies:
× Donnie darko
× White oleander
× Finding nemo
× Pirates of the Caribbean
× all of the Harry Potter movies
how "far" have you been with the opposite sex?: 3rd base
what are your views on abortion?: if you get raped, i understand it, because who wants to carry around that memory for 9th months? but if you had sex fully knowing the consequences of sex itself, whether protected or not, then it's not that baby's fault and it deserves a chance at life
what are your views on teen pregnancy?: well, if raped as stated above, i understand abortion because of the situation.. but if your a teen, had sex, got pregnant.. i think it sends a bad message to your peers but if you're being responsible and keeping it at least to give up for adoption then i think your handling your mistakes well. just don't depend on the guy that made you pregnant for anything because more than likely he'll up and leave.
what do you think of self mutilation?: eh. people can sit around saying it's the stupidest thing ever, and "how can you even think of doing that"? well, when your so depressed that you need to resort to physical pain to overrule the mental pain, it's serious. i've been there, i've gotten help, and trust me, the people who sit back saying those things don't do a damned bit of good for people with the problem of self mutilation.
how would you describe your style?: emo.
what's the first to last thing you notice in the oposite sex?:looks (because you can't see personality), sense of humor, gentleman-liness? (lol, like if he'll be a true gentleman), personality over-all
whats your biggest turn on and biggest turn off? turn on: when a guy is so romantic and treats you like a princess. guys seem to forget their manners, but there are still a few around that can be romantic and make you laugh.
turn off: when a guy tries to show off to his friends and you when he's in front of you. like he'll act all manly if front of his friends and be sweet when it's just you. gah. so two-faced.
shoe size: 8
favorite brand of clothing: i don't really have one.. i just wear jeans and band t-shirts..
favorite brand of shoes: converse
do you wear nail polish?: normally black
how would you describe yourself physically?: not stunningly gorgeus (thats an understatement) but not too hideous. idk. i am who i am.
how would you describe yourself mentally?: i'm a pretty open minded person who just loves to have fun.
do you smoke/drink/do any drugs?: i drink occasionally
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