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name: Brittany

age: 16

location (state ; city/town): Waterford, New Jersey

occupation: student at winslow high school

status: well as of just a minute ago, im taken.

siblings?: ive got two sisters. ones 14, and ones 9. their names are caitlyn (9), and alexia is 14.

parents single/divorced?: my parents are together.

do you have any pets?: yeah, ive got a dog, a couple cats, and a chinchilla.

what's your favorite color?: green

name 10 of your favorite bands & why?: coheed and cambria, because they really have a unique style of music. brand new because they just have awesome lyrics. fallout boy, because they just make me want to fall in love. i also like punchline, taking back sunday, early november, last week, poison the well, billy talent, and matchbook romance.

name 5 of your favorite movies & why?: feris buellers day off, one flew over the coocoos nest, breakfast at tiffanys, billy madison, dumb and dumber. i dont know i have a wide range of movies, im more of an 80's rat pack movie lover. but i do like the old jim carey and adam sandler movies too.

how far have you been with the opposite sex?: well i lost my virginity when i was 15 (yea i know very young eww shes a whore) but i dont know, i wouldnt of gone back and not done it. i got to do it with my best friend, the one i had a crush on for three years. so i was happy i lost it to some one i loved.

what are your views on abortion?: i believe women who are raped should be allowed to have abortions, but i think women who practice unprotected sex shuold have to live with the consiquences.

what are your views on teen pregnancy?: my old best friend kelli, her mom was pregnant with my friends older sister when she was 14, i thought it was ashame that she kinda messed up her life with it. but in some cases, it allows the person to grow maturer.

what do you think of self mutilation?: i think its stupid. people shuoldnt hurt themselves to drive the pain from their minds, because physical pain is temporary, the pain is just going to come back again. ill be honest and ive thought about it, and then ive thought about how it would make my family feel and such.

how would you describe your style?: umm, laided back, id just rather roll outta bed in the morning, do my hair and throw on a band tee and a pair of jeans. im not one to ever get dressed up.

what's the first to last thing you notice in the oposite sex?: i notice teeth alot of times. i dont know im a teeth person, i also notice hair alot, i think a guy with nice long hair. and im not one to like a blonde guy.

shoe size: 6 1/2 - 7

favorite brand of clothing: volcom

favorite brand of shoes: vans are made good, ive got about 4 pairs of them.

do you wear nail polish?: rarely, and if i do, its always getting chipped off.

how would you describe yourself physically?: im athletic built. im kinda chunky, but i try to stay in good fit by doing sports and everything, but sometimes it just doesnt seem to be helping.

how would you describe yourself mentally?: im pretty strong when it comes to mental stuff. i let stuff affect me kinda easily though.

do you smoke/drink/do any drugs?: i dont do any drugs or anything. i have drank in the past. but honestly who hasnt?

promote us to two communites and one journal and show the links:

why do you think we should accept you?: i really like these rating communities because you can meet alot of people with the same interests as you, and i cant really tell you why you should except me because i dont know how you feel about my application.

make us giggle send us a funny picture or tell a joke:

why should you never get a shower with a pokemon?

he might peek-at-chu

now send us at least two clear pictures.

^^one on the right.

over and out captain

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