kasi x core (girlxfortonight) wrote in the_hott_sex,
kasi x core

name: Kassandra, but everyone calls me Kasi
age: 16
location (state ; city/town): Pennsylvania :: Levittown
occupation: Student? haha. no. I work at burger king
status: single
siblings?: 2 sisters
parents single/divorced?: together, but they might as well be divorced
do you have any pets?: um. a snake.
what's your favorite color?: red... and black
name 10 of your favorite bands: Fall Out Boy, Hellogoodbye, Allister, Mest, Rooney, Brand New, Something Corporate, Yellowcard, 5 Days Ahead, Long Shot Hero(local band)
name 5 of your favorite movies: SLC Punk, A Walk To Remember, Rock My World, Cruel Intetions(the first 2. i still need to see the third one), Queen Of The Damned
how "far" have you been with the opposite sex?: what's feeling up considered? 2nd base?
what are your views on abortion?: i'm not all for it. and i'm not all against it either. it mostly depends on the situation. like, if you're screwing around with your boyfriend and you end up getting pregnant, you should have to deal with the consequences. c'mon, its not like they haven't drilled them into our heads in school. but in other cases, like rape, its understandable, but i still don't condon it.
what are your views on teen pregnancy?: i don't have a problem with it. but its sad when you go to school and in every one of your classes you see a girl that is due to have a baby, or that already has one.
what do you think of self mutilation?: eh. i used to do it actually. it was a way for me to vent, but i stopped. i think its sad, but i understand why people do it. it gives you such a rush of adrenilan.
how would you describe your style?: um. myself? i don't know. i wear all different kinds of clothes. if i'd have to use a label, i'd say i'm a mix of prep/punk/emo/freak ... and i'm starting to get into the vintange scene.
what's the first to last thing you notice in the oposite sex?: their hair.
whats your biggest turn on and biggest turn off? um. i don't know. i love guys with shaggy hair. and beautiful eyes. and full lips. ... i guess turn offs would be guys that are jerks. oh. and i hate guys that are hot, and know it. boys that are hot, but don't think they are, are adorable cause when you tell them that they are, they blush and it makes them even cuter.
shoe size: 7 1/2.
favorite brand of clothing: eh. i duno. i wear whatever.
favorite brand of shoes: DC and Vans
do you wear nail polish?: I used to all the time. But i can't cause of my job, and cause of school
how would you describe yourself physically?: physcially? i don't know. i think i'm ugly. but a lot of people tell me i'm pretty. and. i'm not to happy with my body. but i guess i'll get over that eventually.
how would you describe yourself mentally?: i've got a lot of problems. through the years i've been emotionally abused many times by my family, and i've sort of grown up to be not so ... mentally okay..
do you smoke/drink/do any drugs?: smoke, yes. drink, occasionally. i used to smoke pot, but i've given up on that cause of some stuff that's happened.
promote us to two communites and one journal[or more if you want =D] and show the links: girlxfortonight emo_pa_kids _its_my_life__
why do you think we should accept you?: i don't know. i'm just trying out rating communities to see what happens.
make us giggle send us a funny picture or tell a joke: ... i thought it was funny.
now send us at least two clear pictures of you.

go ahead. be brutally honest. please. cause that's actually what i'm looking for. i don't know why. but i'm sick of everyone just being "fluff" with me.
i guess that's enough pictures.
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