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..**..that is no excuse for tonight..**..

name: Danny

age: 14

location (state ; city/town): San Diego, California

occupation: Student starting tomorrow

status: Single....

siblings?: Two brothers, two sisters

parents single/divorced?: single

do you have any pets?: a snake

what's your favorite color?: green

name 10 of your favorite bands & why?:

1. Taking Back sunday

2. Atreyu

3. Poision The Well

4. Every Time I Die

5. Bright Eyes

6. Thursday

7. A Static Lullaby

8. The Jealous Sound

9. The Early November

10. Give Up The Ghost

(These are my favorite bands because they're the shit. That's the only reason I have for it.)

name 5 of your favorite movies & why?:

1. Donnie Darko

2. The Notebook

3. Love Actually

4. Moulin Rouge

5. Mallrats

(1-Good story. I freaked out at the end. 2-Grabbed my heart and twisted it around. 3-Greatest story ever. 4-I LOVE MOULIN ROUGE it's my favorite movie because, freakin', I love love stories. 5-Mallrats, because that movie is so much like Jarrod and I.)

how far have you been with the opposite sex?:

all the way

what are your views on abortion?:

you're killing a little person!

what are your views on teen pregnancy?:

Teen Pregnancy is a very touchy subject. It's hard on teen girls when they are pregnant at 13, 14, 15.... Because they are so ridiculed for something that took two to tango. They are called sluts, whores, blah blah blah... Even if a girl does anything that all the little girls haven't done yet, those little girls either poke at the experienced because they're jealous, disgusted, or whatever, blah blah blah. And people wonder why girls that are pregnant by the age of fifteen are so depressed? It's society that craps them into the ground.

what do you think of self mutilation?:

Actually, I used to cut myself. It didn't last for very long at all, though. I've stopped, even though my leg is still scarred up. Self-mutilation is a slower way to suicide. You need help if you're doing that shit to yourself.

how would you describe your style?:

My stttyyyyylllee??? ::flashes golden teeth:: No, just kidding. You mean, like, clothes wise? It's kind of hard to describe my style. I'm starting to wear a lot of tans and earth colors and belts with big belt buckles and I'm just going brown for a while. My style's pretty fucking stylish, and needless to say... It's pretty fucking hott.

what's the first to last thing you notice in the oposite sex?: The first thing I notice about the opposite sex is their eyes. Last thing to notice would be their teeth, 'cause if I'm staring at their eyes the whole time... You know....

shoe size: 13

favorite brand of clothing: Atticus

favorite brand of shoes: Lakai Ipath or Adio

do you wear nail polish?: I have for shows and stuff

how would you describe yourself physically?: Tall, tan, muskulurrr

how would you describe yourself mentally?: Very mature for my age.

do you smoke/drink/do any drugs?: I smoke, but am trying to quit. I drink.... But only on the weekends. ;-)

promote us to two communites and one journal and show the links:




why do you think we should accept you?:

'Cause Shellie is my lover

make us giggle send us a funny picture or tell a joke:



What's green and has wheels? A blade of grass. I lied to you about the wheels.

Ok I've always thought that was the coolest joke ever. Plus it's the only one I know, dig it.

now send us at least two clear pictures.

Are links Ok?

I need new pics, by the way.....

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v181/punkznotded65/Me004.jpg On the Right

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v181/punkznotded65/TGI-20.jpg I'm rawkin' the mic



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